Citadel – Kate Mosse

Citadel – Kate Mosse

This is the third in the series that started with Labyrinth. Once again, I have borrowed this from a friend. It sat in my pile for quite a while, but once I started reading it I finished it quickly.

Here’s the blurb …

1942, Nazi-occupied France. Sandrine, a spirited and courageous nineteen-year-old, finds herself drawn into a Resistance group in Carcassonne – codenamed ‘Citadel’ – made up of ordinary women who are prepared to risk everything for what is right. And when she meets Raoul, they discover a shared passion for the cause, for their homeland, and for each other. But in a world where the enemy now lies in every shadow – where neighbour informs on neighbour; where friends disappear without warning and often without trace – love can demand the highest price of all. 

I must admit that towards the end I started to skim pages – particularly any torture sections. Over all I liked it, but these novels are long and in my opinion could do with a bit of editing. I think these novels would make a fabulous TV series.

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