Falling to Earth – Kate Southwood

Falling to Earth – Kate Southwood

A family member lent this to me – out of the blue she just asked if I wanted to read it and as I knew her taste was good I jumped at the chance.

Here’s the blurb …

“Kate Southwood has written an absolutely gorgeous – and completely modern – first novel” — New York Times Book Review

March 18, 1925. The day begins as any other rainy, spring day in the small settlement of Marah, Illinois. But the town lies directly in the path of the worst tornado in US history, which will descend without warning midday and leave the community in ruins. By nightfall, hundreds will be homeless and hundreds more will lie in the streets, dead or grievously injured. Only one man, Paul Graves, will still have everything he started the day with –– his family, his home, and his business, all miraculously intact.

Based on the historic Tri-State tornado, Falling to Earth follows Paul Graves and his young family in the year after the storm as they struggle to comprehend their own fate and that of their devastated town, as they watch Marah resurrect itself from the ruins, and as they miscalculate the growing resentment and hostility around them with tragic results

It was fabulous – beautifully written. I found it compelling – the way their lives slowly unravel around them.

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