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The Light Years – Elizabeth Jane Howard

The Light Years – Elizabeth Jane Howard

A friend recommended this, but I had a few reservations – it seemed a bit saga-ish (there are several books after all) and the author’s name seemed a bit romance novelisty. However, I really enjoyed this one and will certainly read the rest.

Here is the blurb …

In 1937, the coming war is only a distant cloud on Britain’s horizon. As the Cazalet households prepare for their summer pilgrimage to the family estate in Sussex, readers meet Edward, in love with but by no means faithful to his wife Villy; Hugh, wounded in the Great War; Rupert, who worships his lovely child-bride Zoe; and Rachel, the spinster sister.

This novel was full of social detail – the drama of organising meals, buying enough food, dealing with servants, taking the family to the beach, but it is also surprisingly modern – there is a lesbian couple, there is a brief mention of anti-semitism, being a conscientious objector during war.

The characters are magnificently portrayed – the view point switches around between characters and there is a lot of pyschological insight. I was fully engaged with this novel. There was a never moment when I was jolted out of the story because of poor writing.

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The Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard


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