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So Late in the Day – Clare Keegan

So Late in the Day – Claire Keegan

As I really enjoyed Small Things Like These, I was keen to read more of her work. I would say this is a short story or a short novella – it only took me an hour or so to read.

Here’s the blurb …

After an uneventful Friday at the Dublin office, Cathal faces into the long weekend and takes the bus home. There, his mind agitates over a woman named Sabrine, with whom he could have spent his life, had he acted differently. All evening, with only the television and a bottle of champagne for company, thoughts of this woman and others intrude – and the true significance of this particular date is revealed.

From one of the finest writes working today, Keegan’s new story asks if a lack of generosity might ruin what could be between man and women.

Once again, the writing is beautiful. Cathal’s personality and views are slowly revealed (how he doesn’t want to spend money, how his mother was treated).

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