The Virgin in the Garden – AS Byatt

The Virgin in the Garden – AS Byatt

I read this years ago, in the 90s after reading Possession. I loved this series, I can remember waiting for the final one to be released. And I keep hoping she might bring out one more novel (she was born in 1936, so that might be a bit hopeful on my part).

This novel popped up as an audio book on Borrowbox, so I have been listening to it for the past few weeks (it’s 23 ish hours long).

I loved it again this time around, and I have since downloaded the second one Still Life.

Here’s the Goodreads blurb (which really doesn’t do this novel justice)

A new play, the highlight of a magnificent local festival celebrating the coronation of Elizabeth II, brings together the young playwright and a brilliant but eccentric family whose personal dramas soon eclipse the entire production.

Here’s a summary at enotes.

This novel is fabulous, the characters, the setting, all the literary and art talk.

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