The Art of Persuasion – Susan Midalia

The Art of Persuasion – Susan Midalia

I found this book in the book exchange at Floreat Forum. As I knew Susan lives in W.A, I had to grab it.

Here’s the blurb …

If Jane Austen was twenty-five today would she be a greenie or a member of the Young Liberals? Probably neither. But for twenty-five-year-old Hazel, reading the classics starting with A is a way to pass the time while jobless and plotless.A chance encounter with an irresistible older man provides a much needed distraction. When Hazel is partnered with him on a political campaign, her attraction is deepened by the strength of his convictions. Adam seems to be attracted to her too – but why can’t she persuade him to embark upon romance? And what does Jane Austen have to teach a young woman about life, love and literature in the 21st century anyway?

I loved reading all of the Western Australian references; catching the train, the Rose Garden, shopping at Claremont Quarter, etc.

For me the middle third of the novel dragged – too much political talk? Too much self pity? But then the story picked up again and I enjoyed the last section. Being a teacher myself, I enjoyed the classroom pieces; particularly the struggle to engage the students and not stray too far from the curriculum.

I think if you live in Perth (particularly the Western Suburbs) and like a bit of romance, then you would enjoy this novel.

Another review and an interview with Susan Midalia.

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