Miss Buncle Married – D.E. Stevenson

Cover image of 'Miss Buncle Married' by D E Stevenson
Miss Buncle Married – D.E. Stevenson

This has been in my pile for quite sometime and I am not even sure why. I enjoyed Miss Buncle’s Book – too many good things to read.

Here is the blurb …

In this charming follow-up to Miss Buncle’s Book, readers will follow Barbara Buncle’s journey into married life in a new town filled with fascinating neighbors…who may become the subjects of Barbara’s next novel! Miss Buncle may have settled down, but she’s already discovered that married life has done nothing to prevent her from getting into humorous mix-ups and hilarious hijinx. Readers will continue to fall in love with Barbara as she hilariously navigates an exciting new beginning

When I read a book from this era I always think I should read more. This is a witty, gentle, clever story that still highlights the follies, foibles and selfishness of human nature.

Here is the Persephone page – I read the Persephone edition, but loved the image above so much I had to use that one instead of the (beautiful) Persephone grey cover.

Another review and another one.

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