Gallery Girl – Wendy Holden

This was just a light, easy read.

Here is the blurb …

Zeb Spaw is the contemporary artist of the year, even more so after his latest work Prostheseus Bound recently sold for £20 million, but will he be able to keep the masterpieces coming, or is it all downhill from there? Alice loves working in Palladio, a traditional art gallery, and loves boyfriend David more, but with him working longer hours their relationship is reaching breaking point.
Maeve’s husband Ciaran has decided to re-launch his boy-band Boyfriend after the recent successful re-launches of Take That and Boyzone, but what about Maeve and her desire to begin painting again? Dan, a less than successful portrait painter, has moved to the country in the hope of finally getting his big break but ends up holding life classes. When Alice is catapulted into the world of contemporary art, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. And when Maeve walks into one of Dan’s art classes, there’s no telling where it will end.

Read it when you want something that requires no effort and is fun.

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