The Diary of a Provincial Lady – E.M Delafield

I bought this book because of the cover.

It’s hilarious – very between the wars. For modern readers it’s a bit like Bridget Jones’ s Diary. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Helen Fielding was inspired by this (and Pride and Prejudice of course).

Here’s the blurb …

Behind this rather prim title lies the hilarious fictional diary of a disaster-prone lady of the 1930s, and her attempts to keep her somewhat ramshackle household from falling into chaos: there’s her husband Robert, who, when he’s not snoozing behind The Times, does everything with grumbling reluctance; her gleefully troublesome children; and a succession of tricky servants who invariably seem to gain the upper hand. And if her domestic trials are not enough, she must keep up appearances. Particularly with the maddeningly patronising Lady Boxe, whom our provincial lady eternally (and unsuccessfully) tries to compete with.

Definitely recommend reading this. It is an extremely easy read with laugh out loud funny moments.

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