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Days of Innocence and Wonder – Lucy Treloar

Days of Innocence and Wonder – Lucy Treloar

This was a Christmas present. I have read Ms Treloar’s previous works – Salt Creek and Wolfe Island, both of which i enjoyed. Very different to each other and this one is different again.

Here’s the blurb …

When someone is taken away, what is left behind?

All her life, Till has lived in the shadow of the abduction of a childhood friend and her tormented wondering about whether she could have stopped it.

When Till, now twenty-three, senses danger approaching again, she flees her past and the hovering presence of her fearful parents. In Wirowie, a town on its knees, she stops and slowly begins creating a new life and home. But there is something menacing here too. Till must decide whether she can finally face down, even pursue, the darkness – or whether she’ll flee once more and never stop running.

Both a reckoning with fear and loss, and a recognition of the power of belonging, Days of Innocence and Wonder is a richly textured, deeply felt new novel from one of Australia’s finest writers.

It is beautifully written, sometimes we read for a plot (a gripping story) and sometimes it’s to read lovely sentences and marvel at how someone has put the words together. For me this book was the latter, which is not to say that there is no plot – in fact it gets quite tense, but it is a joy to read such lovely, well-constructed sentences.

A review.

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