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No Friend But the Mountain – Behrouz Boochani

Behrouz Boochani

This is my book club book for January, I had never heard of it.

Here’s the blurb

Where have I come from? From the land of rivers, the land of waterfalls, the land of ancient chants, the land of mountains…

In 2013, Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani was illegally detained on Manus Island. He has been there ever since.

People would run to the mountains to escape the warplanes and found asylum within their chestnut forests…

This book is the result. Laboriously tapped out on a mobile phone and translated from the Farsi. It is a voice of witness, an act of survival. A lyric first-hand account. A cry of resistance. A vivid portrait through five years of incarceration and exile.

Do Kurds have any friends other than the mountains? 

This is a very personal account of life in detention on Manus Island. Every Australian should read it. I knew it was terrible, but I didn’t know that it was designed to be terrible.

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