You Think It, I Will Say It – Curtis Sittenfeld

You Think It, I Will Say It – Curtis Sittenfeld

I have had this book on my Kindle for a long time (I wonder if I can look back and see when I bought it?). I like to have a kindle book on the go as well as a paper book, so I was looking through my library and found this one. I find it’s best just to pick the first that appeals, otherwise I can waste a lot of time looking at all of the unread books on my Kindle.

Here’s the blurb …

A suburban mother of two fantasizes about the downfall of an old friend whose wholesome lifestyle empire may or may not be built on a lie. A high-powered lawyer honeymooning with her husband is caught off guard by the appearance of the girl who tormented her in high school. A shy Ivy League student learns the truth about a classmate’s seemingly enviable life.

It’s short stories, and often I wanted the story to continue so I could know more. They’re very good, mostly character driven rather than plot driven. Some of the characters are quite unsympathetic, for example the woman from the titular story.

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