Fromage – Sally Scott

Fromage – Sally Scott

A friend dropped this on my doorstep. I thought she thought I would like to read it, but she thought I had lent it to her and she was returning it to me. Anyway, we tracked down who it actually belonged to and all agreed that I should read it.

Here’s the blurb …

Journalist Alex Grant is enjoying the last days of her summer holiday in Croatia when she is accosted by an old school friend, Marie Puharich, and her odious brother, Brian, both there to attend the funeral of their fearsome grandfather’s two loyal retainers. The only upside of the whole sorry business is meeting Marco, the family’s resident adonis. An incorrigible foodie, Alex is unable to resist Brian’s invitation to visit the family creamery in Australia’s south-west to snoop around for stories and eat her body weight in brie. But trouble has a way of finding Alex, not least because her curiosity is the size of a giant gouda wheel. What begins as a country jaunt in search of a juicy story will end in death, disaster and the destruction of multiple pairs of shoes.

This was a fun read, with a lot of cheese and shoes. It’s always fun to read about places you know – Margaret River, Grace Town, etc. I look forward to the next Alex Grant mystery.

Here’s a review from the Westerly Magazine

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