Labyrinth – Amanda Lohrey

Labyrinth – Amanda Lohrey

I can’t remember how I came to have a copy of this one, but I finally got around to reading it. I loved the setting and Erica’s introspection.

Here’s the blurb …

Erica Marsden’s son, an artist, has been imprisoned for a monstrous act of revenge. Trapped in her grief, Erica retreats from Sydney to a sleepy hamlet on the south coast, near where Daniel is serving his sentence.

There, in a rundown shack by the ocean, she obsesses over building a labyrinth. To create it—to navigate the path through her quandary—Erica will need the help of strangers. And that will require her to trust, and to reckon with her past.

The Labyrinth is a story of guilt and denial, of the fraught relationship between parents and children. It is also an examination of how art can be ruthlessly destructive, and restorative. Mesmerising yet disquieting, it shows Amanda Lohrey to be at the peak of her powers

This novel has a great sense of place. Erica’s story and her son’s are revealed slowly. In her shack by the sea (near to her son’s prison), Erica is trying to find a way to live and keep going despite the terrible thing her son did.

There is a great review at the Guardian

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