Knit Two – Kate Jacobs

I’m a bit of a knitter (see my knitting blog), so I read the Friday Night Knitting Club which was OK – certainly light entertainment (but I don’t have a problem with that).

Once I’d finished the Bronte, I decided I needed something that could be read quickly with little concentration so I picked up Knit Two  the sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club.

Here’s the blurb from Penguin …

The Sequel to the Beloved #1 New York Times Bestseller The Friday Night Knitting Club
The sequel to the number-one New York Times bestseller The Friday Night Knitting Club, KNIT TWO returns to Walker and Daughter, the Manhattan knitting store founded by Georgia Walker and her young daughter, Dakota. Dakota is now an eighteen-year-old freshman at NYU, running the little yarn shop part-time with help from the members of the Friday Night Knitting Club.

Drawn together by the sense of family the club has created, the knitters rely on one another as they struggle with new challenges: for Catherine, finding love after divorce; for Darwin, the hope for a family; for Lucie, being both a single mom and a caregiver for her elderly mother; and for seventysomething Anita, a proposal of marriage from her sweetheart, Marty, that provokes the objections of her grown children.

As the club’s projects—an afghan, baby booties, a wedding coat—are pieced together, so is their understanding of the patterns underlying the stresses and joys of being mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Because it isn’t the difficulty of the garment that makes you a great knitter: it’s the care and attention you bring to the craft—as well as how you adapt to surprises

I liked it. I liked how the focus was on finding what it is you want and then doing that. I also liked all of the knitting references and the sense of community created by the women.

Having said that, I’m not sure I’ll read the third (if there is a third).

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