Second Chance – Jane Green

I wanted to read something light after Georgiana and this one was waiting in the pile.

It’s about a group of college friends who are reunited 20 years later by the death (in a terrorist attack) of one of their friends. Tom’s death is a catalyst for change in Holly’s life – she has always harboured a secret feeling that Tom and her were meant to be together, but the timing was never right – she is unhappily married to Marcus and begins an emotional affair with Tom’s brother Will. Paul and his wife Anna desperately want to have children, but despite many rounds of expensive IVF they haven’t been able to conceive. Saffron is an actress having an affair with a married man (who happens to be an incredibly famous actor) and finally there is Olivia who has a fling with a colleague of Tom’s and finds herself pregnant – will she keep the baby? Will she let Anna and Paul adopt the baby?

I did like this book, but the ending was very disappointing. It was like Ms Green reached the required number of words and then just wrapped the story up in a chapter (almost like an epilogue). Stop reading now I’m about to ruin the ending. We don’t know what happened with Holly and Will (just that she ends up with someone else), Olivia keeps the baby, Anna and Paul stop IVF and Anna seems to find peace by doing pilates (and she sells her company for lots of cash) and Saffron and the incredibly famous actor get married.

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