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The Mathematics of Love – Emma Darwin

Mathematics Of Love

I read this book for book club. It was my choice (unfortunately). I found this book really confusing – the backwards and forwards movement in time got me every time. I know the sections were separated with a squiggle, but I kept missing it.

I didn’t feel any sympathy for any of the characters – except maybe Lucy. It felt like a creative writing assignment where so many boxes have to be ticked. The best part were the descriptions of the battles, like Waterloo.

And Cecil was he moving backwards and forwards in time some how?

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The Last Anniversary – Liane Moriarty


A friend lent me this book for a bit of light entertainment. I wasn’t sure – I had noticed it in the book stores, but hadn’t felt much desire to read it. In fact I enjoyed it so much, I bought another of her books (Three Wishes – which I’ll review later).

This is the story of the Doughty family who own Scribbly Gum Island. Aunt Connie dies and leaves her house to Sophie Honeywell – the ex-girlfriend of Thomas Gordon the grandchild of the ‘Munro Baby’. Scribbly Gum Island is famous for the Munro murder mystery. The Munros (Alice and Jack) simply disappear one day leaving a baby, a cooling marble cake and a stain on the floor that could be blood.

Sophie moves to the island and into the lives of the family – there is the beautiful Grace who is living in her mothers house with the her husband Callum and their newborn baby. Grace’s mother, Laura, has gone a 12 month round the world trip.

There is Enigma, the Munro baby, she loves being the centre of this mystery. There is Margie and Ron. Margie is Enigma’s daughter (and Laura’s sister). Her marriage to Ron is unhappy – he just ignores her.

There is Rose (she and Connie found the Munro baby).

Everyone on the island has secrets. Grace is planning on killing herself, but first she wants to find a new wife for Callum (Sophie). Everyone thinks Margie is attending Weight Watchers meetings, but do they really have that many? And Rose, is she going senile? And what is revealed when the family members turn 40.

I found this story compelling – I wanted to discover the mystery, would Grace realise she had postnatal depression, which man was perfect for Sophie and what was Margie up to?

All is revealed, of course,  at the Anniversary Party. Every year they celebrate the day that Connie and Rose found the Munro baby (Enigma).

The characters are realistic if a bit eccentric and I enjoyed reading an Australian story. Read this novel if you’re looking for something light an entertaining.

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The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

He has a vision of the Oasis being attacked (which is against Tradition – capital T – not the vision the attack!) and informs the chiefs. Ultimately his warning saves the Oasis but first the boy has to prove himself reliable – this invoves turning himself into the wind). The boy and the Alchemist continue his journey to the pyramids. They stop at a monastry where the Alchemist turns lead into gold. He divides the gold into four – giving one section to the boy, another to the priest, keeping one for himself and another one help by the priest in trust for the boy (in case he returns from the pyramids with no treasure).


This is the story (parable) of a Spanish boy, a shepherd, who has a recurring dream that he can find buried treasure near the Pyramids of Egypt. He consults a gypsy women wise in dream lore who tells him he should go to Egypt and find his treasure – plus she wants 10% of it. On his way he meets a man who calls himself a king (and who gives him two stones to help him pick omens), a thief who steals all of his money and so strands him on the wrong side of the desert (from the pyramids). He works for a man who owns a crystal store – and dramatically improves the business. Once he earns enough money, he joins a caravan travelling across the desert. On the journey he meets an Englishmen trying to become an Alchemist and a wise camel driver. A war is brewing between the desert tribes and the caravan is stranded at an Oasis. There the boy meets the beautiful Fatima and the Alchemist


The boy continues to the pyramids and digs for his treasure …

I won’t ruin the rest of the story for anyone.

For me this book was about finding your personal legend (your purpose) and then following that path. It’s about believing in yourself, living in the moment and listening to your heart.

It is for anyone who feels that they are just going through the motions, sticking with a job they hate for the money. It reminds us to be open to the world and its possibilities and in Oprah speak to live an authentic life.


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